Firstly, thanks for finding this blog. You might know it through the old blogspot one or from blalock’s indie rock playlist, Music in Oxford, Risk and Consequence, For Folk’s Sake or SXSW, Truck, 2000 Trees or Dot to Dot or maybe just stumbled across it. Alot of time and energy goes into this blog to try and make it a formidable resource for finding out about new music; essentially just trying to make a blog that if I found it i’d be excited to and hope people dig it the same.

I put everything that I have into everything I do. I am 100% about the music when I review music, live shows and festivals.

I was out of the game for a while due to real life taking over, i lost general interest in the reasons i did this for originally but I’ve recaptured that passion for the time being so for potential write ups or general contact e-mail me at outroversion@gmail.comIf the e-mail doesn’t look like it’s been CC’d to a million others, I’ll check it out. 

For information on my views on sharing music read this post. For information on the person behind the site write “TWLOHA” in the search bar in the right hand panel of the main page.

If I have a backlog I will always prioritise physical copies over digital so don’t be offended if I take a little bit to write up mp3s. If you want to send me something just shoot me an e-mail and i’ll send you my address. Otherwise I’ll get on it as soon as practicable. My musical tastes range from indie, rap, punk, hardcore, folk, emo and everything inbetween. I wouldn’t know how to review dance music and find it mostly unlistenable so that’s probably one place I wouldn’t go.

SimonOutroversion Twitter last.fm & SarahPhotographer Twitter Last.fm


  1. Added your site to my blogroll. Fantastic work!

  2. Hi Outro! it’s dao =)
    dao’s web: http://indierockmusic.jimdo.com
    dao’s forum: http://mirolloeselindie.mforos.com
    dao’s group lastfm: http://www.lastfm.es/group/Mi+rollo+es+el+Indie
    dao’s in lastfm: http://www.lastfm.es/user/genuinedao
    Un abrazo amigo :)

  3. Hi Outro ;), today I have recommend your blog at my forum:
    Un abrazo :)

  4. thanks guys!! really enjoying writing it these days (:

  5. I used to have Limewire, but people kept telling me it would give me virus’s so is there a safer program I can use?

    grow taller

  6. I used to use soulseek, it certainly was great when i used it up until about 2008 but tbh p2p are a bit redundant these days 99% of what you want can be found on the net.

  7. interesting, thanks!

  8. Hi, nice to meet you !

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