Posted by: outroversion | January 24, 2019

Better Oblivion Community Center


Better Oblivion Community Centre

It takes a lot for me to put up a blog. Last year, just 3- Bodega, Death Cab and Arctic Monkeys. Conor Oberst dropping a surprise album out of nowhere under a new band name definitely falls in the worthy of reemergence category.

Phoebe Bridgers however,  I have never been able to get excited about. I’m on the side of the partition that felt she was oversold and underdelivered but, with faith in Conor’s ability to cultivate the potential he sees in others and here that potential is realised.

Within a minute I was hooked and hyped for what they’re doing, the song is dynamite and from what I’ve read in interviews the album is very much in this vein with the electronics more People’s Key than Digital Ash and the lyricism more Cassadega than Wide Awake.

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