Posted by: outroversion | June 1, 2017

Outro’s Artist Updates: fun.



“are an American indie pop band…” are, ok that’s a good start! I had a feeling this might not be the case having been aware of but hating Jack Antonoff‘s side project bleachers as well as… other distractions in his life…

These are yet another band I have the Indie Rock Playlist to thank for. They had the unique At Least I’m Not as Sad as I Used to Be on their summer playlist back in 2009, their debut was one of my albums of the year that year and I eventually saw them live in 2010 before they justifiably starting topping the charts on both sides of the atlantic and racking up Grammy Awards.

So what have we been missing since those peaks? 2014 they were set to write a new album and played a new song (Harsh Lights) on Jimmy Fallon but a year later Nate Reuss went right ahead and released it on his own solo album.

2015 they announced they weren’t splitting up. As far as I can tell that was the last word on them. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s now 2017. Their facebook is a ghost town. Their twitter just posting wherever their various other projects are playing.

Pretend this is fun.

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