Posted by: outroversion | June 21, 2016

2000 Trees 2016: Happy Accidents // Grumble Bee // Tired Lion

Happy Accidents

Darlings of my former hometown powerhouse of a label Alcopop, these Londoners’ debut album comes out at the start of next month and 2000 trees will be their first show after the release.

They’re an intoxicating mix of the kind of band that would play Al’s if Happy Days was English and set in modern times and being more than capable of a sweaty tear up in a dive bar. The lyrics are refreshingly pertinent as much as being of the shaking off of adolescence and their energy is just plain infectious.

You can download their 5-song EP for whichever price you wish if you click on the player below.


Grumble Bee

This guy is brilliant. Such an accomplished sound. Jack Bennett‘s playing two sets; one acoustic and one full band, both are a must see as his layers really need to be witnessed as separate entities to be fully appreciated.

As a singer/songwriter he’d be a revelation in a world of Ed Sheeran-alikes to have someone from the same breed as Brian Fallon is a god send. As a band, Grumble Bee reside in the happy medium of metal and rock where sure there’s fire and it gets down and dirty but veers away from heavy and industrial and creates something with an essence of irresistible intricacies.


Tired Lion

First heard these Australians about this time last year and they were good enough to get me out of blogging hibernation.

I Don’t Think You Like Me (below) was the first song I heard of theirs and it’s such a great tune, they’re really Metricesque for sure and rarely can anyone else pull that off.

Nice and heavy musicianship in the same vain as Wolf Alice with the tenacity of The Naked & Famous and soul of Jaunita Stein. A smooth, groove laden overdose.

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