Posted by: outroversion | June 1, 2016

2000 Trees: Day Splits


2000 Trees 2016


The Cave: The Bronx, We Were Promised Jetpacks, And So I Watch You From Afar, The Xcerts, Black Peaks, Milk Teeth, Max Raptor.

The Axiom: Beans on Toast, Press to Meco, Crazy Arm, Ben Marwood, Rob Lynch, Oxygen Thief, ????????????.

ForestJim Lockey, Dave McPherson.


Main Stage: Twin Atlantic, Mallory Knox, Neck Deep, Counterfeit, Vant, Smith Band, John Coffey, Crooks, Brawlers.

Axiom: Moose Blood (+Forest Session), Magic Gang, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Muncie Girls, Kagoule, Tired Lion, Waco, Life.

CaveLonely The Brave, Palm Reader, Trash Boat, Beasts, Reining Days.

CroftGhost Riders in the Sky, Happy Accidents, Will Varley, Johnny Lloyd, Idles, Then Thickens, She Makes War, Armchair Commitee.

Big Lebowski BarThrill Collins, Bare Knuckle Parade.


Main Stage: Refused, Ash, King Blues, Augustines, Arcane Roots (+Forest Session), Heck, Creeper, The LaFontaines, St. Pierre Snake Invasion.

The Cave: While She Sleeps, Sikth, Basement, Animals as Leaders, WSTR, Terribe Love, Blood Youth, ZOAX, Blackhole.

Axiom: Jamie Lenman, Hey! Hello!, Yuck, Demob Happy, Dead!, Black Foxxes, Cheap Meat, Puppy, Narcs.

Croft: Black Honey, Tigercub, Bellevue Days, Grumble Bee, Recreations,  The Spills, The RPMs, Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers.


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