Posted by: outroversion | December 1, 2015

Mythological Music: Brian Irwin- Little Fly




I love a good mystery and Reddit always comes up with some good ones. Lately I’ve become obsessed by people hearing amazing songs in grocery stores that seemingly don’t exist elsewhere in the world.

This is the future. The same future that gave us unreleased J.D. Salinger works in torrent form, the one with the terrabytes of top secret information made available through security hacks and freedom of information requests, as well as the personal celebrity photos of course. With that in mind I find it interesting when something isn’t available on the internet when there is a demand for it as well as many people putting a concerted effort into finding it.

And still Carnival of Light sits in Paul McCartney’s drawer..

So a few years ago someone heard a song with the lyric “Little Fly” being sung by a guy with an Anthony Kiedisesque delivery in Walgreens, it supposedly didn’t exist beyond the outer limits of that store’s PA system.

Internet, activate.

Long story short, they made the guy who wrote it re-record it and release it and here it is-

Brian Irwin Little Fly


And so it seems stores are avoiding the Taylor Swift copyright fees by spreading the word of local artists. That sounds like a great idea but what happens when you can’t find a song?! Like this guy.

I’m great at finding obscure and impossible to find music and yet I’m getting nothing more than anyone else who is trying is. It sounds like a great track but as with this guy the other day, the dream of a great song can be better than the reality.

shh bby is ok.


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