Posted by: outroversion | August 17, 2015

Will Varley- Weddings & Wars

Will Varley Weddings & Wars

It’s come to a point now where if someone actually goes to the effort of making a proper music video it’s an event once more. Where from Michael Jackson to the advent of the viral internet there was a saturation of oneupmanship battling to get noticed. The idea of a concept video has become way too much effort for most artists who just sploot out an endless stream of online media in the knowledge their fanbase is strong enough to vaguely sustain them for another year with minimal effort yet endless touring.

So seeing this wonderful 8-bit video for Will Varley‘s Weddings & Wars was a chilled bottle of Oasis in a digital desert. I came across it as he’s supporting my new favourite band Skinny Lister, who in turn are supporting Frank Turner on his next UK tour. It’s going to be one hell of a show.


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