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Outro’s Ipod Shuffle XVII


Outroversion’s Ipod Shuffle XVII

You know how we do, no skips.

Amy WinehouseRehab

I never really got into her sophomore album having loved Frank back in the day, too much press and hearing it played everywhere all the time rendered playing it in your own time futile as you’d just hear it again when you went anywhere in public. This was of course the headline grabbing lead single from Back to Black and there’s not a whole lot you can say about it that wasn’t either said at the time or has been attributed to it posthumously. As a song, without taking into account the autobiographical nature of it, it’s not particularly memorable. However, because of everything that came since it’s become a haunting shapshot of wasted potential.


Pete Molinari- The Ballad of Bob Montgomery

Before people were comparing Jake Bugg to Bob Dylan they were doing the same with this fellow. It’s become a fairly standard tale of hardwork followed by hype and eventually a respectable career on the road. Pete however refuses to settle into his niche and has been pushing musical boundaries with his latest album Theosophy which has taken his notoriety to all the corners you could dream of. This in a similar fashion to his genre bending live shows, this song however, is from his debut and is a little more what you would expect from a man with a guitar.



For fans of Mates of State, Denver’s husband and wife duo named after well, the passtime of tennis. It’s a pleasantly collegiate sounding ode to Coconut Grove presumably a passing on their seven month sailing expedition down the Eastern Atlantic Seabed.

I have three tracks of theirs, all from the same glorious place, the Indie Rock Playlist. Hope I bother checking out more.


ParamoreHere We Go Again (Live)

There’s a few bands that I have some of their live stuff on my Itunes because they really seem to be at their best in that setting, Paramore are one of those. This is from the Final Riot! which if you don’t really get Hayley Williams you should check out as it really showcases how that band have become what they are, the passion of her performance really is something.

Thing is, I’m not THAT into Paramore so I only know what you would probably call their most popular songs. The best thing about that is, every now and then I hear old songs of theirs like this and bam, I’ve got another sweet track to add to my semi-irregular solo P’more listening parties.


DamoneWhat We Came Here For

It’s times like these I feel like Itunes has a consciousness. Paramore and then Damone? Two heavyweights of the mid zeroes female fronted rock pop scene though Noelle Blanc never achieved the illustrious peaks that Hayley Williams spearheaded.

The band broke up towards the end of the last decade and Noelle went solo. They’re a nice listen but in what was becoming a diluted genre at the time their were only room so for so few at the top.


Phenomenal Handclap Band- All Of The Above

A dreadful name for a band but then it’s the only reason I remember them all these years after hearing the only song I’ve ever heard of theirs (15 to 20). Their probably best described as psychedelically tinged slow paced rock, or soul as they are indeed labelled. Bass led and borderline staccato vocals, they’re aiming for a certain mind-set and level of relaxation. I mean there’s eight of them playing mouth organs, giving it the old reverb, creepy whispering and spaced out guitar licks. You know what you’re getting.


The NotwistConsequence

You know when you got into The Postal Service and thought, “Wow, if this is what electronic music sounds like I want to hear more”, well this was the one name that people tended to bandy around like they knew what the hell they were talking about.

he Notwist were a rock band before they changed and adapted their sound to capitalise on what was a burgeoning genre and had much new found success doing so. Jimmy Tamborello was clearly influenced by their sound and from that point of view it’s quite interesting to hear them.

This track in though, drags on and on. I’m sure there’s better examples of their work out there.


Biffy Clyro- Golden Rule

I have had a lot of Biffy Clyro inflicted upon me in my time. This is either due to the period of my life where Kerrang was my default radio station or when Truck was my default festival.

Personally, I can see why people like the band. I just don’t. Lyrically I find them very basic, musically I find them typical of the genre and well, without being racist… I find it a little difficult to really dig scottish men singing.

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