Posted by: outroversion | January 26, 2015

New Music: Death Cab For Cutie- Black Sun

Death Cab For CutieBlack Sun

I still love Death Cab. Any word on new material I’m as excited as anyone. The shame is that for the past few years there hasn’t been much to be excited about.

There was a shift in the songwriting of Ben Gibbard after Narrow Stairs and the masterpieces that preceeded it.

I don’t like this song, it’s very basic and dreadfully similar to the nonsense on the last record. The name of the album (Kintsugi) is fine and the idea behind it vaguely interesting. I don’t like the artwork for it, however and I’m not particularly bothered that Chris Walla has left as I was never a fan of his backing vocals but I know he was doing something right with the production because he created those amazing albums.

Ben blocked me on twitter when Codes and Keys came out as I pointed out it was “wishy washy” a realisation he’s come to himself since admitting that it was below par. I don’t care about twitter but I do care about this band and if this album is as bad as the last one I’m going to be pissed and state that they should have ended at the top. I’m inclined to blame Zooey Deschanel for all of this.

Black Sun


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