Posted by: outroversion | December 15, 2014

New Modest Mouse: Lampshades on Fire

Modest MouseLampshades on Fire

A lot must have changed in all our lives since a fresh release from Modest Mouse. The first time I heard Dashboard back in 2007 it was relief, a reliable old friend making an appearance when you least expect it.

Their modern day return is not much different, though the hiatus more prolonged than ever the comeback is just as welcome. Lampshades doesn’t sound like a Modest Mouse offering at first, in fact it could be anybody but soon enough the elements that make them so familiar abound. Isaac‘s voice and delivery, those twanging strings, the nautical nuances, the passion driven changes of pace.

Last time I saw them live they were nowhere near playing this but if you were fortunate enough to catch any of their cameos over the last few years you might have heard this and its current form isn’t dissonant with its current incarnation which is in keeping with the band. Ever changing and yet always remaining true to its core. I mean they’ve survived some serious mainstream success.

Good to have you back gentlemen.

Listen Here


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