Posted by: outroversion | August 25, 2014

New Music: Interpol- All The Rage Back Home

InterpolAll The Rage Back Home

This is the lead track of NYC’s Interpol’s soon to be released fifth album El Pintor, which will be the first album completely devoid of Carlos Dengler‘s bass. If you’ve seen them live since his departure you know they don’t have that much to worry about; at the time he left, I said it was for the best as there’s a temptation to lean on his lines that was evident on their self-titled 2010 release and that could mean a return to the more tenacious roots of Antics.

There’s still the underlining drone of strung out guitars and world weary yet empowering delivery from Paul Banks but without the sparsity and soundscaping employed on their last two albums. This is the best new material i’ve heard from them in nearly a decade but such is the endurance of their style that it doesn’t make any odds that it’s been 10 years since they graduated from the bait shop of O.C. they’re still as important now as they were way back then.

All The Rage Back Home

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