Posted by: outroversion | July 1, 2014

2000 Trees 2014: Wild Cat Strike

Wild Cat Strike (‘waɪld ‘kæt ‘straɪk) n. 1. The feeling of folk-like intension with aggressive execution 2. The experience of immersion in sound 3. The manic shift between harmonious beauty and cacophony…

This Brighton 4-piece were announced a couple of months after I made the Thursday mixtape so that’s why they’re not on that and also why I haven’t mentioned them yet.

Heavily influenced by the early angst of Fevers-era Conor Oberst, they were as excited for his most recent album as I was. There’s distortion and screaming when it’s needed, not when it’s not which is a mistake many make. Melody, introspective lyrics and sparsity contrasting with impassioned drumming, glitchy guitars and soul-stripping vocals at all the right moments.

The stirring intensity of what Danny Byrom has to say can be likened to the Bright Eyes frontman for sure and it’s the ultimate accolade to be, when it’s not misplaced which here, it isn’t. I don’t think too much more needs to be said really.


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