Posted by: outroversion | May 18, 2014

New Band of the Month: Public Access Television

Public Access Television

Some people are saying this is the first band out of New York worth getting excited about since The Strokes. I never really liked The Strokes so that doesn’t mean much to me, however I will say they’re the best band I’ve heard this year since Modern Baseball who for me are infinitely more listenable than The Strokes.

Under 1000 FB likes, 300 twitter followers. Either the amazing Public Access Television have better things to do or they’re criminally underrated.”

Outroversion June 2014

Ridiculous publications throwing around comparisons like that are stupid I mean they creamed over MGMT who just so happen to be from New York oh and Vampire Weekend I mean any number of remarkable contemporaries could be thrown at them but let me pose this question-

When was the last time a band with two songs on the ENTIRE internet attract the kind of accolades they’re getting? Either they’re in league with the Rothschilds or there’s something about them and those two tracks are as good as anything I’ve heard all year.

Middle Child


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