Posted by: outroversion | April 7, 2014

Ipod Shuffle XII

I haven’t done one of these in so long but they’re always a great time. I’m a little nervous knowing some stuff i’ve got on here, remember- no skips.


Outroversion’s Ipod Shuffle XII

The BreedersSaints

A solid start with Kim Deal‘s Pixies Riot Grrl side project, this the second single from their most successful album 1993’s Last Splash. Repping Summer and Carnivals, heavy bass and you know what you’re getting from a Deal vocal.

Lewis Black TV Pilot

One of my favourite all-time comics his intensity and genuine hatred for 99% of human kind is unparalleled. Here he tells a story of how he was made to audition to play himself in a sit-com about himself and how he was beaten to the role by someone who is apparently a better him than he is. Check out the rest of the gig that story is featured on-


ElbowComing Second

I’ve been listening to a lot of Elbow lately, for a number of reasons. Firstly their latest album is really good, secondly they’re actually playing Cornwall this summer and i’m toying with going, finally well- i’ve needed a few naps the past couple of weeks. This is actually from their debut album, you can rarely tell what track is off which as they’re all of superbly consistent quality. The track itself is quite reminiscent of Blur at the time, simple guitars underscored by complex experimental electronics, rhythmic drumming with modulated yet husky vocals. Some of the samples are a little harsh in the background but nothing to keep you awake.


Kosha Dillz- Hanging Out

Sure KD is a white rapper but he keeps it real, spitting about picking up dog doo (which he rhymes with choo-choo), starbucks, instagram. The sample underneath is warped and familiar and hugely distracting from the lyrics but like I implied- they aren’t really all that..


BlondieOne Way or Another

You can’t really go wrong with Blondie, everyone likes the music but I doubt I’d ever see it on my iPod and feel like I had to listen to it you know? I think with some artists it’s nice to know they’re there should the mood ever take you, I just never have whatever mood it is that makes you want to listen to Blondie and I don’t expect I’m ever going to be a middle aged woman at a wedding disco so…


A Rocket to the Moon- Like We Used To

A Fuelled by Ramen band that I checked out based purely on their name which I came across being quite into The Rocket Summer back in the day and with that- the perfect comparison. Empassioned vocals, multi-instrumentation, if you’re dating a teenager- or are one even then this might be your thing but as I get older the less I can connect with this kind of music.


System of a DownQuestion

Ah shit, this might be a long one… Look- SOAD are a quintessential example of why i never really fit into the metal scene last decade. As well as using words like quintessential, I had the piercings, looked good in t-shirts and could rock out with the best of them. I was fine with all that but what I was not fine with was having to 1. “get” system of a down and 2. “like” system of a down. Radio one love these guys and commercially they sell better than most of their peers, musically they’re all over the place, don’t get me started on the vocals or the lyrics, I mean are they a joke band? BYOB. Case and point, sorry.

But you see, I say that but that track has 4-stars in my iTunes and this song is technically proficient. Subtle guitars in the verse and the vocals sublime but then again we get to the chorus and it’s the same brash musicianship and strained and strident singing with screaming thrown in for good measure. I don’t know but, I don’t think so. They’re the question I wish no-one had bothered asking.


Fionn Regan- Be Good or Be Gone

I saw this fellow play at a festival a few years back under a pseudonym (Near Fog Inn), everyone who was there was a genuine fan of his music and I felt a little left out as I was there as press and didn’t know anything of him. At the time I said “Regan’s cerebral lyricism is enchanting. “His stories are brilliant but he does require attention though his words truly deserve it. Musically it’s pleasant stuff but lyrically it is incredible.” If you’re the kind of person who appreciates Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith and Bon Iver you’ll already know this gentleman but if by chance you don’t- start name dropping him you dirty hipster.


John Frusciante- Ten to Butter Blood Voodoo

Sometimes I feel like i’m the only person who was glad to get Frusciante out of the Chili Peppers. I hated his convoluted guitar playing, his girly stocatto vocals and overall his douchebag sense of self-entitlement like RHCP needed him more than he needed them, yeah good luck with that. This is another example of the quality of his output when he is left to his own devices. People make out he’s more than he is but listen to his music and you’ll see that he isn’t. His debut album Niandra Lades/Usually Just a T-shirt is considered a classic among fans of his however, I’ve no idea why.


Ok I think I got into a bad mood towards the end of that haha…


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