Posted by: outroversion | March 23, 2014

Bring Back: The Crimea

The Crimea

Over the last decade it seemed I couldn’t go and see a quintessentially indie band without these guys supporting them. Whether it was Young Knives, Modest Mouse or Ash it wasn’t long before they’d graduated from support band to yet another one of those amazing bands I love that not enough people know about.

That’s not to say they weren’t highly revered by those in the know and even those who typically aren’t- they were strongly backed by Radio 1 and appeared on Top of the Pops which, towards the end of its life was a much tougher gig to wrangle than it was in the 90s.

Anyone who’d seen them live couldn’t help but being won over by their sincere and infectious repertoire. Lottery Winners on Acid is the kind of uniquely warped indie anthem that only a certain percentage of the population got to hear but the ones that did are eternally grateful to the band for the opportunity.

Of course, around the middle of the last decade there were a lot of flash in the pan indie acts who came out with one massive statement of a track and then never really backed it up either on stage or on record (E.g. The Automatic- Monster, Hard-fi- Cash Machine, CSS- Let’s Make Love…) and that is what sets The Crimea apart.

Their first album Tragedy Rocks set a strong foundation for their recording career, followed by internet release The Witching Hour and last year the verdant double album finale Square Moon. Each album a perfect snapshot of that point in their 11-year career.

The first time I saw The Crimea and Davey MacManus took into the audience to sing a cover of John Lennon‘s “Jealous Guy” I was sold on this band and I’m thankful for all the music and memories they’ve given me. It was a while before I gave up waiting for bands to create moments at gigs the way The Crimea always seemed to and it kills to think they won’t be in the future.

Lottery Winners on Acid




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