Posted by: outroversion | March 4, 2014

SXSW 2014: Ron Pope

Ron Pope

I’d been through about 40 songs I wasn’t particularly enamoured with before this track came on and I was thinking this is great.. but my god does it sound familiar. It wasn’t more than a couple of seconds into the chorus that I realised this sounds exactly like MGMT’s “Electric Feel”.

Listening to the rest of the song I realised this must be some sort of reworking of their finest moment, keeping the rhythm and tone but changing the lyrics to something perhaps a little more accessible. I was quite intrigued by the concept of taking a popular track and throwing away the lyrics and putting your own spin on it.

However it seems that this song has “nothing to do with” the New Yorker’s Oracular Spectacular masterpiece. Which, when you listen to it you’ll realise is a bit weird considering it sounds exactly like it. All the comments on the net are people saying it has an “electric feel to it” or “think MGMT”, generously vague comparisons.

Listening to Ron Paul’s other work it doesn’t sound anything like this and I think you would be hard pushed to imagine this is a coincidence.

This reminds me of when an English singer named Diana Vickers said she’d been listening to RHCP’s Under The Bridge when she wrote one of her songs and that’s why the chorus happened to sound just like it. Yeah she was threatened with legal action but she soon found out making classically ripoffable music like the Chili Peppers means they don’t have so much time to chase up such frivolities. Ron Pope better hope MGMT are in a similar boat.

Lick My Wounds



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