Posted by: outroversion | February 24, 2014

2000 Trees 2014: Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice

You might not think you know Wolf Alice but a quick listen of little drops of heaven “Blush” or “White Leather” you’ll know you know them from somewhere.

I don’t know where you know them from, it’s just hype in general they were the most blogged about artist last year so you just happen to have heard them by being on the internet for more than 5 minutes over the last year.

If you haven’t heard much from them apart from the above advertisement friendly offerings don’t be put off by the twee-folkiness they can do punk and they do it well, to label them riot grrl would be unkind to their potential.

The heavier side of their spectrum is very Spinerette meets Howling Bells this is most apparent on “Fluffy” and “She” both contrasting well showing their ying/yang style each of which are executed perfectly.

Their choruses are mass-appealingly constructed while the verses are articulate and where they really showcase their talent but without those choruses you feel quite so many people wouldn’t be listening.

You can tell they’re gonna be great live, check them out…

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