Posted by: outroversion | February 10, 2014

2000 Trees 2014: Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner

Their presence on reputable Oxford indie label Alcopop! which is home to Anamanaguchi, Fight Like Apes and newly split Stagecoach and Crimea is testament to their quality. Alcopop records have a remarkable reputation for picking up bands well heeded in their own locality before ensuring they are ripe for the plucking for everyone else.

It’s very easy to compare JF to Los Campesinos! (also very accurate), but I will offer up a few comparable artists that might well make you think ‘hmm, that’s an interesting comparison’, and well you might.

First up, Black Kids. Secondly, Slow Club. If you mix them up with Stagecoach & LC! you’ve got a pretty sound picture of what to expect from JF. Impassioned male vocals, Male & Female exchanges, socially awkward monologues, razor sharp guitars, a big old back catalogue of party soundtracks and a hugely devoted following.

If you’re insane enough to consider missing anyone on the Thursday night or perhaps going a little too hard and passing out on the white russians, make sure it’s not before you’ve seen these guys.


Here are some of my favourite’s from these brummies-

Salt, Peppa & Spinderella


Dark Harbourzz


Absolute Balance


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