Posted by: outroversion | February 8, 2014

2000 Trees 2014: Retrospective Soundtrack Players

Retrospective Soundtrack Players

I realised one morning at two thousand trees that the band playing rugby at 8am on the main stage field were essentially the same entity I saw here in 2010 called “Dawn Chorus“. I liked them back then, they were compared to Bright Eyes in the program which had me sold but after that I lost trace of them.

They don’t have a massive online presence musically despite having released two albums worth of material, which is a little off-key in the time we live in. I do have the Catcher in the Rye album which, I can tell you has some great songs on it; Smart Girls For Talking Morons For Dancing, For D.B, Sally Hayes, Pencey Prep and the title track standing out in particular. I guess I kinda named half the album there, well like I say it’s good.

I’ve never read Catcher in the Rye, I’m waiting for the hype to die down. However, these gentlemen have. They have also seen the movie “Cool Hand Luke” and set about, retrospectively making soundtracks to them. As far as the band name goes i’ve no idea where it came from..

Their music is nice and intelligent, country-tinged with harmonicas, brass and slide guitar without being overbearingly so.

They’re touring with Ben Marwood from Valentine’s Day onwards, go!


Catcher in the rye


Real Cool Hand



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