Posted by: outroversion | July 27, 2012

Proof Catfish is genuine?


View #2: It’s “real” in the ways described below but after looking at it a couple of months down the line and with less emotion I am unfortunately leaning towards those that suggest exploitation. I now think Nev, his brother and friend, Angela, her husband and Amy all knew everything and the only people who didn’t were her disabled sons. I wish the evidence didn’t stack up so overwhelmingly towards this point but unfortunately it does and I don’t know if I could watch this movie again with this in mind.

Ok so 1. I know this isn’t about music but I’ve been uninspired and this movie inspired me. 2. If you haven’t seen this movie, do. You’ll dig the hell out of it.

So this movie captured my imagination the way great movies do and gave me lots of stuff to research, which I also love doing because I have an inquisitive/obsessive personality (:

I can either say 100% that Catfish is genuine. Or a needlessly elaborate hoax.

Related links:

Angela Pierce’s art website- with numerous original pictures not featured in the movie

Angela Pierce’s art Facebook page- with pictures of her and her husband from the movie and several personal updates over the years. And still updates regularly long after any hype about the movie went away.

The real Megan, Aimee Gonzales in a feature about art-

Meeting the real Megan, amy gonazales-

Obituary for Ronald Pierce (one of angela’s husband’s sons)

Angela’s personal video message at the end of this video featuring anthony

The Angela Pierce 20-20 interview-


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