Posted by: outroversion | May 29, 2012

New Music: Fun- Some Nights Intro

Fun.- Some Nights Intro

Another band that I can say a) I saw years ago and b) radio is ruining. The british media seem to be obsessed with a girl that sings on We Are Young (a track I featured last November) and tbh she is more of an annoyance than an addition but on the back of that it’s meant that fun. have been all over radio one and the british charts for months now. I appreciate that the backing of Hayley Williams, Glee, Apple, Gossip Girl and Judd Apatow did a lot for them over in the states but the sheepidity of british music and media is doing it’s bit over here too.

Asides from Electra Heart this is another grand slam of a sophomore album and when you’re intro is as good as this is how can it not be. All the musical grandiose that you come to expect from any Nate Ruess act but the fact that fun. is becoming more of a supergroup with all of the members and most casual members having amazing side projects makes this album a celebration of what they’re all capable of.

Truth is it’s a very hot day, I had a drink in toast to the sun and aren’t following my sentences that well so you’d better go away and go have some fun.(.)




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