Posted by: outroversion | May 27, 2012

New Music: Marina & The Diamonds- Teen Idle

Marina and the DiamondsTeen Idle

I hardly expected Marina and the Diamonds’ second album to be anything other than a suring up of her place in british popular music. Truth is it’s great, a brilliant album and has some unique tracks on it; Teen Idle being my particular highlight.

I first had the opportunity to see her in 2009, her first album was a while away at that point and her performances were built on the foundations of a goldmine of demos she had at her arsenal. At the time these were freely available, most people knew the songs but then she got signed her label took them down and they’re nothing more than legend most assuming they never existed.

Her eventual debut peaked at number 5 with the follow up the iconographic Electra Heart debuting at number one. In a time where the charts really couldn’t matter any less if they were done in alphabetical order it’s nice to see it still matters to some artists and with this being one of her ambitions you have to give her credit for realising it.

I needn’t really have written all this but there’s some artists’ integrity I feel the need to defend from time to time. Or maybe it’s just justifying my listening, whatever- check it-


DOWNLOAD (4shared)


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