Posted by: outroversion | February 11, 2012

Band Update: Harbour- Colder/Almost Home


Having been hugely impressed by Harbour’s previous incarnation, Echoes at last years’ 2000 Trees, there’s few other up and coming bands whose next move I’ve been awaiting with quite the anticipation I am from these… Gloucesterfarians…

News comes in the form of a pay-what-you-like download available from BandCamp. For whatever you can afford you can get two tracks, Colder and Almost Home and for a little bit more you can get a limited edition package of the tracks on cassette tape or along with a Harbour t-shirt, however these are selling pretty quickly so get the hell in there yeah?

The music itself focuses on the strengths of the band and what made them so striking first time out; dual vocals, masterful instrumentation, atmospheric and intelligently layered music as well as honest and esteemed lyricism with marvellously penetrative delivery.

Colder embodies all these things. It’s probably the best track I’ve heard this month, except that Almost Home is possibly even better… It’s stupendously easy to forget that this is a release from a band in its formative stages. Formative stages that have seen them go down a storm everywhere they’ve played and becoming one of the must see bands this summer. But for now-

Download the tracks HERE.


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