Posted by: outroversion | January 17, 2012

The Return of Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson Group

The return of Kate Jackson to the indie rock world has been highly anticipated for a number of years now. Teases like untraceable demos appearing under the name “Madame Ray” on, appearing with the wolfmen and the odd tweet under the same name did give cause for hope.

However there has been much activity lately under the title “Kate Jackson Group” with her return to live music, the release of demos on her soundcloud and myspace and ultimately- her first single. Date with Dawn which was available for free back in August, but only for the first 1000 visitors so you’ll have to find other means.

I wouldn’t post about this again if it wasn’t for the fact that these new tracks are so reminiscent of the marvelous and hugely missed Long Blondes, these are where Kate seemed to feel more at home back in the mid zeroes, the full figured and 50’s homaging of “Couples” is nearer to this than the cream of “Someone to drive you home”. Enjoy.

The Wonder Feeling


The Atlantic


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