Posted by: outroversion | January 15, 2012

Tips for 2012: Carney


Blown Away. I went into checking out this band not wanting to like them at all. I don’t like when singer’s are described as having a “unique voice” as that usually means an “annoying voice” and I think Erland & the Carnival have given me a phobia of anyone even thinking of making music that could be played at fairgrounds.

Anyway, it seems Carney is the surname of brothers Reeve and Zane- the lead singer and guitarist of the band respectively. Reeve, even at 28 is a bit of a stalwart in musical circles, playing guitar professionally at BB King’s night club in California at the age of 15 before  turning his attention to movies and musical theatre where he’s recently been cast in the daunting role of Jeff Buckley. In addition he also recorded a song whilst starring in the Spiderman Musical on a track billed as Reeve Carney Ft. Bono & The Edge. Big potatoes.

Carney are a band that run on pure talent and creativity, none of it for its own sake but out of the mere nessicity for an outlet to turn impossible thoughts and abilities into something tangeable. The brothers’ boundless understanding and competence with their instruments shows them bounce and wire around each others’ melodies .

Their sound is accomplished, impossibly so. In relation to bands on a similar par, their theatrics bring to mind that of Mariana’s Trench and their masterpiece theatre but the whisky and smoke edged jazz undertones make it something different, something with limitless possibilities. Their debut album from 2011 Mr Green Vol 1, which the below track is taken from, was magnificent though it didn’t dent the billboard. None the less- guaranteed big things.


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