Posted by: outroversion | January 14, 2012

Tips for 2012: The Smokin’ Barrels

The Smokin’ Barrels

Tipped by Noel Gallagher, rendering anything anyone else has to say a little overshadowed, The Smokin’ Barrels are a Geordie band encompassing all of Brit Pop’s debut albums before they all got too wordy, or shit as the band describe Arctic Monkey’s later offerings.

The Smokin’ Barrels don’t sound like a band from Newcastle, as hilarious as that would sound (have there been any bands from Newcastle… apart from Jimmy Naill?) but you can tell they’re from the upper half of England and where there influences were bred. Guitars (and more than a few other elements) straight out of Oasis, lyrics from any of the reputable outspoken northern lads and general British Rock as it would prefer to sound like.

While “Blinds my Eyes” falls short in suggesting serious potential for the band “I’m Coming Down” is resplendant in its maturity and seeming experienced musicianship and you can only assume the accolades being thrown at these boys are with that in mind.

To be honest no matter which new bands I write about over the next couple of months I think these are the ones that will still be playing on my ipod when winter next comes around.

I’m Coming Down


We’re just never gonna fall


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