Posted by: outroversion | December 17, 2011

Albums of the year: Girls- Father, Son & Holy Ghost

Girls Father, Son & Holy Ghost

“I saw Girls in 2009, having been promised sun drenched surf rock from the 60s- this I did not get. They were more like a couple of stoned Californians who were thrown onto a stage with instruments they had no idea how to play.

Strange it is then that I heard this track from their “‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost” new album and that Surf Pop is indeed the only way to describe it. The rest of the album is better produced, better written and better…ly executed than I could ever have imagined coming from the band that was hyped back in 2009.

This is one of the albums of the year, I find it amazing that I believe that but the music here speaks for itself. Saying I love you is gorgeous, it could have been written by Elvis Costello man! Yeah there’s a bit of reverb and chillwave in “die” but I deleted that off my version so do the same and it’ll be the perfect record.

I really am in disbelief but this is brilliant, I have to go and listen to this again. Make your days about a 1000% more beachy-” ~ Outroversion September 2011

Honey Bunny


The album


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