Posted by: outroversion | October 1, 2011

Music in Oxford: Laima

Sometimes I write for other people, my main focuses these days are Risk and Consequence on and offline, For Folks Sake and my most recent outlet is Music In Oxford. Really glad to have a chance to get more involved in the local scene, this is my first piece for them-

Former frontwoman of various local bands including The Factory, Mary’s Garden and post-high-school duo Michael Myers, the uniquely named Laima Bite is back with the latest offering from her musical odyssey. It takes the form of latest single ‘Breathe’, just released by Rivet Gun Records under the moniker of Laima, rather than the name Puddin, as some of her previous offerings have been presented.

Abingdon’s Laima’s ever changing, chameleonic appearance remains evident in her music. Last year, she recorded a session exlusively for, accompanied only acoustically, with the emphasis on her dulcet tones and the progressive, story-telling style of the songs. ‘Breathe’ is an atmospheric piece, with an electronic foundation and more than a hint of gothic overtones.

A clipped drumbeat and a misty synthesiser provide the platform, with progressive and languid piano used sparingly to underscore Laima’s obliging vocals. The imagery – of transcience, water and spirits – runs through the soul of ‘Breathe’ with powerfully apprehensive lyrics: “Bring the moonlight with you, illuminate my dream, but not my shadow, I don’t think it belongs to me”.

Musically, the electronic heartbeat is like your own, you don’t really notice it unless you listen out for it. However, without it there would be a noticeable abscence, to say the least. Powerful drumming and black metal-esque guitars make this a grandoise affair; stripped back I’d imagine it could take on an even darker and more beautiful form.

Laima comes in different forms, but hopefully this manifestation will be the one in which her journey continues. It’s a great sound, and one we don’t get enough of anywhere these days, let alone in Oxford. Buy it on iTunes, CDBaby or Amazon, and see her live at the next opportunity. I know the sun’s out now, but give it a week and this will be the perfect soundtrack to the dying embers of the season – and the awakening of another bitter wintertide.

Laima on Myspace / Rivet Gun Records

By Simon Outroversion

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