Posted by: outroversion | September 17, 2011

Outro Introduces Oxford: The Empty Vessels

The Empty Vessels

Some bands just sound like where they’re from, epitomising the very elements that surrounded their inception and shrouded their potential as they developed their sound.

The Empty Vessels are from Oxford- they sound nothing like either Stornoway or Radiohead, they sound more like a band with a comfortable residency at a rock bar on Sunset Strip. That is to say their sound is rock, dirty and sweaty and their self-assurance way beyond what could be expected of a band that played their first gig just two years ago.

TEV manifest themselves in a realm bourne of the funk infused Chili Peppers of the 80s and the natural rock of Led Zeppelin with their live shows revelling in being equally as rambunctious as a joint headline show of the two with Motley Crue in support.

Their EP, which you can download for free below, is a showcase of their cock sure sound and seemingly natural prowess over their sound. Presumebly their fathers must have been laying down some pretty swish vinyl when they were growing up.

Get their EP for free HERE.

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