Posted by: outroversion | August 4, 2011

Supernormal Festival 2011

Supernormal Festival 2011

In only its second year of inception, Supernormal has already crafted a highly respectable reputation in the crowded summer music calendar. It’s already been named 17th best festival worlwide by the Independent. Quite the accolade.

The devil of the details is often lost on festivals blinded by their ascension and there will be no shortage of them in the sprawling countryside of the artists’ retreat that is the estate of Oxford’s Brazier’s Park.

Established in the summer of 2010 as part of the 15 year strong Brazier International Artists Workshops in the final week, with an exclusive audience of just 500 much in same vein of this year; with debates, international film screenings, artistry, curiosities, music and abstract creations and performance from the most remarkable corners of the mind and world.

The bands and artists at the festival are on their way up and performing for the love of it. The fans are there without hemorrhaging their bank accounts and it makes for a unique and unparalelled atmosphere.

A limited number of tickets are available at £55 right now, though the festival is completely non-profit all festivals need to sell tickets to keep going. This is a great opportunity to support a burgeoning music festival in its infancy and say you were there from the start. Get them here.

Full Line Up:


The A Band, Arthur Brick, Bang Stroke Blow, Black Moth, Black Tempest, Big Naturals, Bad Guys, Cindytalk, The Cravats, Cold In Berlin, Dogfeet, Drunk In Hell, Emily Breeze, Flats, Fuzzy Lights, Gnod, Gum Takes Tooth, Hamilton Yarns, Kickofthedoor, Lasers From Atlantis, Lin Sangster, Man Flu, Maria And The Mirrors, Monkey Island, Medicine And Duty, My Elastic Eye, The Nuns, Neurotic Mass Movement, Patent Saints, Primordial Undermind, Proxy Music, Quilla Constance, Rat Face, Skullflower, Teeth Of The Sea, Thought Forms, Viv, Warewolves, Z+.


Sandy Vella, Working Mens Klub, Yoke & Zooms Mobile Cottage Industry, Richard Ashrowan, Various Artists, Others TBC.


Born Bad, Jimmy the Fingers, GlamRacket DJs, Dirtytalk, The Wildbunch DJs, DJ Surrenda, The House DJs, Echoes and Dust DJs, Spectacles, The Mixtape Amnesty Lounge, Fuckwit Productions Bar, Hackney Secular Singers – Punk Choir, Supernormal Superstore, Caravan Disco, Hákarl (communion), Sing-a-long-a-Wickerman, Let me feel your finger first: Post-Colonial Cannibal.

Art Spaces:

Black Dogs, Liverpool Space-Station Sixty-Five, Pitt Studio, Various Artist, Broadwalk Arts and Studio1.1 London.


  1. like the sound of it, need a festival in august that doesnt cost £200, i’m going to be there?

  2. I’m going to buy a couple to help support it even if I can’t make all 3 days. It sounds perfect.

  3. I came here for this month’s mixtape and think I’ll go to this, i didn’t even know about it and its right here in oxfordshire. thankyou for the music!

  4. so glad i wasn’t too late, definitely want to help out- 2x tickets purchased! I’ll also try and spraed the word over at our site

  5. Thank you for this.

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