Posted by: outroversion | March 19, 2011

SXSW Highlights: NEeMA


NEeMA is in Austin and has just bought her first pair of cowboy boots. A female folksinger who hasn’t owned a pair of cowboy boots since their early teens is a welcome relief and it’s thankfully reflected in her genre surfing music. Elements of jazz and world, inluding verses in French (she is from Montreal after all) drip through into her soft musianship giving extra substance to what might otherwise threaten to be merely feel good melodies.

She has support of well respected musicians from various fields and has toured extensively since coming around in the mid-zeros. Her’s  unfeasably quiet prior to this weekend’s shows so you’ll be getting there ahead of the crowd. It is nice and best compared to Allo Darlin which even my girlfriend found sugary, I just think there’s enough darkness behind the scenes here to give another layer to the music, think Polly Scattergood writing for Kate Nash.



Download (Elsa’s Lullaby // Escape)


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