Posted by: outroversion | March 5, 2011

Track of the Day: Celldweller- Switchback


Right now I’m busy going through an insane amount of music, getting together my SXSW 2011 collection. There’s been a few bands that I’ve thought “damn this is amazing” but I’ve merely made a note to write about them after I’ve put up the playlist. For me to stop in my tracks and put up a post this weekend, it needs to be something special…

Celldweller is the invention of Detroit dwelling multi-instrumentalist Scott Albert, who goes by the musician name Klayton, with which he has pioneered more than a couple of well respected acts in various genres. It is due to the genres to which he flits between , which I will go into more detail of later, being ones I tend to steer clear of that I have never heard of this ridiculously talented enigma.

I’ve not listened to anything else by the band yet but this track is so HUGE that his other work deserves kudos merely for being associated with it. Early doors it’s Slipknot meets Linkin Park. That is to say it gets closer to hardcore than Linkin Park but has the more musical elements of them… while bearing Hadouken in mind.

So yeah, to say this is hard to define is accurate. There’s no way you could describe this track and even come close to giving someone who hasn’t heard it an idea of what it sounds like. Nu Metal, Electronica, Trance, Industrial and Post Rock. A band might describe themselves as all these things because they don’t have a defining genre, however this guy fits into every one of these perfectly. The way this track transcends them is just incredible. Live, I can only imagine…

MP3: Switchback


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