Posted by: outroversion | February 11, 2011

Outro’s tips for 2011: Alessi’s Ark

Alessi’s Ark

I found Alessi a couple of years ago through her blog where I found some great new bands and only actually found out she was a musician a while after this, i’m awfully perceptive. In terms of underground talent around, Alessi Laurent-Marke is one of the most prominent practitioners. If you have a conversation with someone and after a while you realise they seem to like pretty cool music, chances are they’ll know double A.

She has the most unique voice, the vocalisation suggests nothing of her Hammersmith roots. Her debut album was produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and is magnificent, I don’t hear a track that is anything less than glorious. She released an EP at the end of last year “soul proprieter” which once again received a lot less attention than it deserved, i’ve included “shovelling” here which is the opening track.

You’d be positively deranged to voluntarily miss out on her music. Go check out her wares at the website and go ahead and love her music.


The Horse



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