Posted by: outroversion | December 21, 2010

Songs of 2010: Cee-Lo Green- Fuck You

I won’t have anything said against this song! I know it’s pop and I know it’s not my style to go on about this kind of music but I just love the work fuck and I love its use in the song I love walking down the street and hearing fuck dozens of time while old dears mill about buying candies and surgical stockings. It feels good to say it; fuck therapy, just say fuck whenever you feel stressed and you’ll feel a million times better! Fuck everything- In the beginning there was one word and the word was FUCK!!!!


Cee-Lo Green: Fuck You

Usually I wouldn’t post something that I expect will be successful in the mainstream but this is catchy. It’s from the guy who brought you “crazy” which was great after the first million listens but the subsequent 10 billion kinda grated. With that albatross around his neck he does the only natural thing with his impossible comeback and that is to say “Fuck You”. It’s 50s big band brass, soulful vocals and the best phrase in the English Language- Fuck. You.

MP3: Fuck You



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