Posted by: outroversion | December 14, 2010

Album of the year runner up: Blood Red Shoes- Fire Like This

Truth is I would have no qualms about making Blood Red Shoes album of the year after taking into account everything I’ve written about them but the fact of the matter is everything that I have is not all on this one CD. It’s a great album and Heartsink and Light it up are staples of their brilliant live shows. As a whole, all their songs, their live shows, the fact its just the two of them I could easily say they’re the live act of the decade but not the album of the year. Close call though.

Blood Red Shoes

Time and again I revert back to the passion of Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes when I need something truly gripping and that’s the best way to define the duo.

Of late they’re starting to get the recognition they deserve, moving further up the bill at the numerous festivals and gigs they’ve played since this time last year as well as being featured in the soundtrack Scott Pilgrim -v- The World. I’ve seen it and would say if you have a couple of hours you need eaten up and feel like watching a movie, there’s worse things you could do. That track was the brilliant “It’s getting boring by the sea” that I covered in more detail here.

Mainstream Britain hasn’t latched onto them, which I guess would have made them ultimately less cool, but they’re so much better than the sales numbers suggest. They’ve just released heartsink which is accompanied by an excellent video, support them and go and see them on tour.



Light it up

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Photography courtesy of Sarah Penrose



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