Posted by: outroversion | December 13, 2010

Songs of 2010: Dog is Dead- Glockenspiel Song

Dog is dead

I’ve been trying to not write about Dog is Dead but haven’t been doing very well. I’ve messaged them asking them to stop making such great music but they’re having none of it. I guess we’re just going to have to continue to put up with their perfectly blissful tunes, multi-part harmonies and generally refreshing attitude to modern musicianship.

Everything that made them a huge hit this summer is here in this brilliant track that is being hyped by 6 music. There’s obvious comparisons to the Rumble Strips but the harmonies and excellent lyricism is what sets them aside and will ensure they’re as welcome live in the winter as well as in sun soaked fields at the high points of the year.

If this tune was any more feel good it would be in danger of over dose were it to be prescribed any mood enhancing meds.


The song starts about a minute in-


Glockenspiel Song (download only)


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