Posted by: outroversion | December 7, 2010

Band of the Day: We are the in crowd

We are the in crowd

Remember when that guy sang on Evanescence‘s “going under“? Giving them a certain credibility and indeed, sound, that would otherwise have evaded the goth rock outfit. Imagine if Hayley Williams and Charlie Simpson of BusteFightstar got together, they would declare “we are the in crowd“.

These New Yorkers would be band of the week or month if there wasn’t already so much other stuff going on this month and I hadn’t done a post for similarly veined Now, Now (every children) the other day but rest assured, were they given that accolade they would be deserving of it for oh so many reasons.

Firstly the way I found this band was refreshingly old school. You’d think flicking through the music channels you’d only be introduced to Lady Gaga and Ke$hia or whatever these days. However, thanks to Scuzz I found these relative new comers to the Kerrang targeting female fronted metal band.

I wouldn’t really compare them to Paramore to be honest, as easy as that is as Tay Jardine‘s versatile vocals are so refreshingly empassioned that I feel that they might not be of interest to the twilight scene. Musically the metal WATIC thrash out is brilliantly heavy, where there is usually a tendancy for the lead singer to either move away (Birthday Massacre) or move toward (Rolo Tomassi) TJ’s vocalisation is pitched perfectly between the two but with Jordan Eckes also tearing it up there they’re taken onto a whole other level.

The other amazing thing about these guys is they’ve only been around for a year. Judging by what I’ve heard so far they’re going to be around for a lot longer. I would literally be DISMAYED if they’re not an atomic force in a year’s time.

MP3: Both sides of the story & Carry me home (Download only)


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