Posted by: outroversion | December 5, 2010

Band of the Day: Now, Now Every Children

Now, Now (Every Children)

On the surface Now, Now (Every Children) are superb musically and vocally. That’s why people like Paramore (who they have toured with). What puts these Female Fronted Minnesotans on a higher and slightly cooler pedestal is that the lyricism is, at times, brilliant. This is most notable in  standout tracks “everyone you know“, “giants” and “not one but two” but this standard is kept from their most rocking to their frostier offerings.

The more lo-fi track “cars” for example has the line “my words can’t compare to your integers and numbers” and the stoic “we’re moving slow passing accidents, and we’re singing to the ambulance, saying oh my god i don’t care about the car“.

They’re metal in the same way that Hey Monday are metal but emo in the same way that Paramore are. A happy medium and a very likeable one.

MP3: Not one but two


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