Posted by: outroversion | December 3, 2010

Outroversion Christmas 2010 Mixtape

I have a certain routine each Christmas morning, for I am the one entrusted with the food. I do this as it means I don’t really have to speak to anyone but more so I can be in my own musical world without distraction. I firstly listen to a christmas mixtape that I update each year, replacing tracks, adding better ones on etc and then I listen to Sigur Ros which is why they’re tagged onto the end of this. I only ever listen to them once a year but you may well agree that Christmas morning is the perfect time.

Outroversion’s 2010 Christmas mixtape

Low- Just like Christmas

Bright Eyes- Blue Christmas

Eels- Christmas is going to the dogs

Ron Sexsmith- Maybe this christmas

Death Cab For Cutie- Christmas Baby (please come home)

Killers- Don’t shoot me santa

Hello Saferide– Ipod Xmas

Awkward Stage- Mini Skirt of Xmas Lights

Earwig- Next Christmas

Sigur Ros– Gobbledigook

Bright Eyes- Night Before Christmas




  1. Wow. What a mix tape to be included on. These are great bands and great songs.

  2. RePOST Plz!

    It says only 10 downloads were allowed. Don’t know if that was meant for or not. If anyone got this can u post it plz?

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