Posted by: outroversion | December 1, 2010

Outroversion Presents: December 2010 Mixtape (Side A)

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore Christmas as commercialism is shoved down our throats to the extent we feel like outcasts if we don’t participate in it regardless of our beliefs.

This mixtape is devoid of sugar infused sentiment and over indulgence, however for those of you who like nothing more sometimes, I’ll be posting an indie christmas mixtape 0n Friday (:

With the albums of the year next month i’m listening to a lot of those but still managed to find some great new artists this month, the standout being we are the in crowd (post on them up on 7th Dec) I’m really liking listener and have gotten back into The Do and Stars. Hope it keeps you warm.

December 2010 Mixtape (Side A)

Alright Alright- I am from the future

Ellie Goulding- Your Song

Lissie- Stranger

Listener- You were a house on fire

David Vandervelde- Learn how to hang

Attack Attack- Not Afraid

Tennis- Cape Dory

Wombats- Tokyo

Warpaint- Shadows

Now Now Every Children- Giants


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