Posted by: outroversion | November 25, 2010

New Music: Attack! Attack!

I apologise for the poor quality of the bands in the last couple of posts. I feel i’ve learned my lesson not to listen to idiot music magazines. Seriously they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

Attack Attack

I heard these guys on scuzz unsigned and they were a refreshing surprise, particularly as X Factor was on on the other side at the time…

Hugely reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, Attack! Attack! are not to be confused with either them or the Columbus outfit Attack Attack!.. I hope i’m not, I’m pretty sure the one that i’ve been paying attention to is the welsh band. With everything in mind, they do skate around emo quite well while remaining true to their rock roots which, coming from Wales is either Tom Jones or Funeral for a Friend… /endracism. Seriously though, think Gaslight Anthem if they were fronted by Patrick Stump.

Mp3s: Not Afraid (mediafire)



  1. Attack Attack! is cool. If you liked their music you might like the almighty proxy,

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