Posted by: outroversion | November 23, 2010

New Music: The Vaccines

The Vaccines

This is the latest band that NME are hyping on the back of very little. They’re veeeery similar to the drums and, though listenable, weren’t worth making the transfer from background music in topshop to your mp3 player.

I was hoping they were going to be good when I heard about them but it was a very familiar story- half a dozen gigs (filled with A&R types), a couple of short tunes that people didn’t make people leave and these days that equals the next big thing.

These guys aren’t that but that’s not to say their music isn’t catchy. I mean Wombats are “catchy” right? It doesn’t make them a great band. If you like your bands hyped and your attention span is as short as is required here, check them out.

MP3: Blow it up (download only)


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