Posted by: outroversion | November 21, 2010

Stuck on Repeat: Earwigs- Star Cross’d


I first heard Earwig a month and a half ago when I gave them a pretty glowing review here. The mental thing about what’s happened since is I’ve 1. listened to them regularly since then and 2. one song that I think is brilliant, I barely mentioned in the review! That’s a band and an album with depth.

It kicks off with modest mouse style warped guitars and understated lyrical delivery before delivering a signal of intent with a chorus after less than a minute and what a killer chorus it is, like this could easily have been written for Aerosmith by David Bowie..

Hear it on Myspace

Or buy it for $1


  1. […] is, until I saw that Simon over at Outroversion had put up a post about the band. After reading his synopsis, I figured I’d give them another […]

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