Posted by: outroversion | November 17, 2010

Death Cab -v- Jimmy Eat World


Death Cab For Cutie -v- Jimmy Eat World

I don’t know if this question gets asked too often but just who is the more relevant act in 2010? I ask this because Foo Fighters are doing two huge gigs next year, one with Death Cab and one with JEW.

I’ve seen DCFC around 8 times, stopping in 2008 when the fangirl screaming at the gigs got just a little too much. We gave them the OC, a load of great bands got big off the back of that; Modest Mouse, Killers and arguably- Bloc Party. They rode that wave a few years until Ben Gibbard once again set his sights higher; a number one album. Great, they got that, fine let’s just enjoy their time in sun yeah? No… Twilight. Yes, Ben thought twilight was a good move. In terms of making millions of dollars and playing stadiums it is but in terms of not being huge sellouts? Not so much.

I know i’ve ranted about Death Cab’s never ending vertical escalator ride of success because the gigs used to be so fun and pleasant. If I could CHOOSE the setlist for their next tour I would go in a second. Unfortunately if I even saw the set list written down from their last tour i’d puke my brains out- Open Door EP HEAVY, how can you even be heavy from an EP? It just seems that way because it was such GARBAGE. Your twin sized bed? Talking bird? Yep- BOTH played on the last tour. Oh and of course let’s not forget every pop song they’ve ever done. Oh god I’m sorry about this, every time I try to approach the subject from a different angle I end up spewing vitriol about them. Check out the other times here, here and here… lol :(

In the mean time I’m just gonna go see Jimmy Eat World.


Death CabLack of Colour

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle



  1. DCFC previous albums – good.

    DCFC last Album – BAAAAD.

    I could kick myself for legally downloading their latest album and when I say legally, I mean actually paying therefor.

    Go forth, son, and enjoy Jimmy Eat World.

  2. Thanks, pretty sure that’s what i’m gonna do.

    Really not looking forward to the new death cab, it’s all gotten a bit weird and teeny.

    I like your writings man, they’re deep and creepy!

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