Posted by: outroversion | November 13, 2010

Cloud Cult & Remembrance Day: 2 Minutes of Silence

I saw 4’33” performed around 10 years ago, I was a bit of a classical keener back then and it was a fascinating spectacle and quite a thought provoking experience. There are still 4 minutes of music, it’s just none of it is played. There is a beginning and an end meaning the conductor music open and close the piece. There are parts for strings, brass, percussion and optional vocals, meaning the conductor music instruct them where to begin and when to end their individual performances and that’s not even including audience noise, we’re talking uncomfortable shuffling, coughs, we’re talking a 4 minute awkward silence. Anyway, this is all academic as the reason a shortened version of this peice of music is highlighted now is in CD and digital form. For the deepest explanation of this I give you, Cloud Cult

Mp3: The song of the deaf girl

“Did you hear about the deaf girl
The one whose song’s gone number one
Three minutes of silence on the radio
It’s the best damn gift for everyone“

Here is the song that the piece refers to if you’re curious-

MP3: The deaf girl’s song


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