Posted by: outroversion | November 12, 2010

Bright Eyes: Contrast and Compare

Bright EyesContrast and Compare

This is probably the Conor song that Tilly and The Wall’s Neely Jenkins is most noted for. Strangely opinion is divided on what she added to this Letting off the happiness track, personally I think everything about the song is gorgeous.

It starts off with Conor saying “No it’s seven, so it’s five hours before 1998“. That’s right, Conor Oberst was recording amazing songs way before the end of the last millenium. It makes one feel both proud and worthless at the same time.

The tone, to a Bright Eyes aficionado is similar to Feb 15th, which Neely also sings on (all eyes on the calender, another year I claim of total indifference // contrast and compare, between the busy and the ones who don’t care). The languid percussion along with Mike Mogis’ slurred sliding makes for a restless but drowsy precession through comforting and harrowing dependancy.

Stream: (video)

Mp3: (download only) Letting off the happiness



  1. I think you might like Bad Books’ (Manchester Orchestra/Kevin Devine) video/song, “You Wouldn’t Have to Ask”. Give it a spin;

  2. nice reading|i will definitely go for it

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