Posted by: outroversion | November 11, 2010

Bright Eyes: Light Pollution

“There’s no hell when you die, so

don’t look so worried.”

Bright EyesLight Pollution

I get paranoid about two things. 1- I post too much Bright Eyes. 2- I don’t post enough Bright Eyes. To resolve this I’ve made the decision you can never have enough Bright Eyes and whenever a new track comes into regular rotation i’ll declare it here and spout on about why it’s the best one of all time, until the next one.

Turns out I already posted about this track a month ago… I’ve probably listened to it every day since then but I’ll post another great one i’ve been enjoying tomorrow but until then-

MP3: Light Pollution

“(Light Pollution) I think is something i’ve noticed more and more being in London and is something I consider from time to time. Not all that long ago, when the sun went down, half the world was dark. Surely the way we live now has to be affecting our planet in inconceivable ways?”



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