Posted by: outroversion | November 10, 2010

New Music: Beady Eye

Beady Eye

You can pretty much envisage how every single review of Liam Gallagher‘s new band is going to go, most culminating in the fact it’s not as good as Oasis but then, not many bands are.

It starts off with uncharacteristic piano and with the gospel style backing  wouldn’t sound out of place in a sterotypically devout christian church service. Which is weird. Another place it would also have fit in fine is on Oasis’ final album “Dig out your soul” which does suggest this is one of the songs that was being created in the final stages of the band when Liam had tried his hand at learning guitar and writing his own songs; both of which he would always live in his older brother’s shadow for. It’s a tough task trying to outdo Noel Gallagher but the most endearing thing about Liam’s return is that you get the impression that he truly believes he can.

Mp3: Bring the light (download only)


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