Posted by: outroversion | November 6, 2010

Track of the day: Everything Everything- My Kz Yr Bf

Everything Everything My Kz Yr Bf

You know when you hear a song everyone else likes but you think it’s kinda lame until you are relentlessly bludgeoned with it until you come, not only to accept it but kinda like it?

I heard what I assume was the demo for this last year entitled, “My keys yr Boyfriend”. I remembered the band mainly for more obviously swish track “photoshop handsome” but I wasn’t overtly enamoured. Roll on October 2010 where NME TV are playing the “trendier” titled “my kz yr bf” practically on loop.

What struck me about lead vocalist Johnathon Higgs is the seeming control he has over what, if you pay attention, are incredibly complicated vocals. Not just for the range he shows, which is admirable enough but the timing of the instrumentation is so intricate that now I’ve given them more attention I really must commend.

Apparently their debut album went to #17 in the mainstream charts last month, which I assume is essentially number one after the 7 lady gaga remixes, 4 katy perry singles and 5 carbon copy autotune wankster’s… So well done :D


Mp3: My Kz Yr Bf



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