Posted by: outroversion | November 4, 2010

Band of the Week: Billy Boy on Poison

Billy Boy on Poison

I’ve been on a bit of a quest of late to get the unplayed tracks on my ipod down to zero. Most are odd tracks from random bands with very few whole albums on there but I shuffle it by album just in case which is when it happened- Billy Boy on Poison.

It seemed I had bought the album ‘Drama junkie queen’ when it was released last year and each track of which is refreshingly stunning. Apparently they’re from California and the album was as well received by the press as it was by me. They make throw back rock in the style of the light glam of the 80’s and they do it very, very well. In modern terms they’re OK Go, if they were cool and T-Rex if Marc Bolan was still around and making timeless punk tracks.

Angry young man was the song that grabbed me. Starting off sounding like a lost 90’s americana love song before genre surfing through to whatever Panic at the disco’s last album was categorized as.

None of it is particularly heavy but it gets deathly close in some that’ll leave you satisfied; The guitars cut when they have to and Davis LeDuke can wail when it’s called for but the more I listen to them the more accurate the T-Rex comparison seems to be.

MP3On my way

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